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Hair of the Dogcast

A podcast about Video Games and Beer.  And Beer and Video Games.

Hair of the Dogcast is a family of podcasts celebrating our love for gaming and craft beer.  Our show include the following:

The Dogcast - The classic, tried and true.  The Dogcast covers the most recent news and developments in the gaming world.  We discuss what we have been playing and have a light topic discussion.

Raw Dogs - The Raw Dogs like to go deep.  Deep discussions in lore, development, and gameplay.  Single topic.  Deep discussion.

Elden Dogs - An Elden Ring podcast series that explores the deep world-building and gameplay scenarios presented by this rich video game.  We couldn't help ourselves and had to make a 20 part series to celebrate this game.

Beer and Now - Welcome to Beer and Now, our new podcast series about the exciting world of craft beer and the people who make it happen.

Sep 21, 2019

Our host Papa Be-Rad sits down with the most wonderful and enchanting Kung Fu Fruit Cup!

We discuss her career as a twitch streamer and partner, how she became an interviewer for Games Done Quick, her experience as girl gamer, working with charities, Kingdom Hearts 3, Final Fantasy 9, and much more!

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